Dealing With State Car Auctions

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Normally, automobiles used in the commission of certain crimes, particularly drug-related offenses, frequently become the property of a state agency, with the specifics depending on local laws. The vehicles like this are sold at state care auctions with a reasonably rate.



State vehicle auctions are competitive so it is feasible to come away paying more than the vehicle is worth.


It's totally necessary to do your homework before the state car auction starts. Most auction officials will allow the public check the cars over some days before the event is held. This is a fantastic opportunity to look under the hood, kick the tires, check the shocks, and check any side of the auto you would like before offering a bid. Be sure to record the automobile identification number [ VIN ] of any car you have an interest in buying. You can use this number to get a detailed report on issues that were reported to insurance agencies or law enforcement departments in the past. It's important to understand if the automobile has been flooded, damaged by fire, reconstructed, or concerned in a major accident.


Equipped with this information, you can check the auto and look for any defects that you may not otherwise know to look for. Some professional mechanics will check the vehicle for you for a fair cost.


Due to the great discounts in these auctions, maybe bringing a professional is more than worth the price. Know before what the maximum amount you are prepared to spend is, and stick to it. State automobile auctions are a good place to find good autos at terribly, terribly low prices, but only for people who are serious about finding bargains and doing their homework. Some sites online offer good, practical recommendation for shoppers in the market to purchase a new car.


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Dealing With State Car Auctions

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This article was published on 2010/05/18