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Relocating can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. A few facts about the state's geography, climate and economy will clarify its future resident about the diverse recreational opportunities and expanding industries in the area.

Missouri's characteristics come from its position in the middle of the country. It has both eastern and western influences. Bordered by eight states, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas, Missouri is the only state, beside Tennessee, with so many neighbors. Being one of America's large states, you can find any type of landscape on its territory. Repartition of its population is equilibrating between urban and rural areas.

Due to its warm climate and its fertile soil, agriculture was initially the main occupation. However, Missouri did not become a rural state. When railroads arrived after the Civil War, commerce started to develop quickly. Manufacture also brought fame to Missouri, being diverse, developing from brewing to being third most important American auto assemblage centers.

Climate gives opportunity to practice and enjoy both summer and winter sports. Weather can sometimes get extreme because of Missouri's position in the middle of the country, not having the sea or high mountains to temperate winds.

Missouri's population exceeds five millions of residents. Number of inhabitants is continuously growing, partly naturally, owed to a bigger birth rate than deaths, and partly because of immigrants from other US states, or from outside the country.

Missouri is commonly known as the "Show Me" state, a nickname revealing Missourian's direct way of handling things, including words. When trying to talk a Missourian into something, empty words are not sufficient. Having a long history with alcohol production, they are still among the biggest producers in the country. This also applies to tobacco production. It seems Missourian not only produce tobacco and alcohol, but are also big consumers. Therefore, their laws on alcohol and tobacco are the most permissive in the US. This is not something new, as Missouri was the only state during prohibition who rejected it. Today, they have the lowest excise on tobacco, after South Carolina.

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Moving to Missouri - State Information

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This article was published on 2010/03/31